First demo for the partlet system

Tl;DR: Today i created the first demo implementation for my p2ee/partlets project based on silex and if can be found here.

A while ago i started a small fun project to create a nice little web framework that is strongly inspired by my daily work and also by a very interesting facebook talk. On my trainride back from FrOSCon together with 2 of my colleagues i started to hack down the first very simple implementation and i was pretty impressed how powerfull so few code can be.

But as is it very often with “hacked down” solutions the code was a bit messy, hard dependencies, everything is connected with everything else. So i started to take this nice litte framework and split it up in nice litte pieces. And in this process this one project split up in to 3 very small librarys that i published under an MIT license.


The preparables lib is the part that is heavyly inspired by facebook technology and in short word it’s a programmatically way to define dependencies.


As i started to implement this small webframework i added some basic requirements for my building blocks and in the work of striping it into small libs i moved the basic requirements and the coresponding resolver classes


This is actually a implementation of the preparables, that turns the abstract concept of “programmatically dependency injection” into a base for hmvc-like frsameworks. Based on the partlets it is very easy to build your webapp based on self contained building blocks.

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