About Me

  • PHP Developer since 2000, because i want to get things done
  • Getting paid for PHP since 2004, because i do get things done
  • one of the Hosts of Berlin PHP Usergroup

Stuff i did (incl. stuff you may should not know)

  • created my first OpenSource project in 2003 on SourceForge with CVS - FirmWorx
  • did build up loadtesting suits based on apache jmeter for websites and apis
  • automated more then one deployment process to be "one click" and reduced deployment fear with these scripts
  • did move a product from "the biggest server at 1und1" to an actuall horizontal scalable system architechture
  • created and extended multiple SOAP APIs, a few still alive'n'kickn today
  • was a contributer to CakePHP 0.10
  • was using Typo3 (back when it was Typo version 3) and was able to write templates in Typoscript
  • did kill a whole frontend cluster with 3 lines of PHP - oopsie, will never happen again, i swear
  • had a few pages build with PHPNuke hosted on tripod
  • once put the ActiveX version of Clippy on a website - sorry for that
  • had a horrible month evalutating MySQL Cluster (NDB) a few weeks after it was put out in the wild
  • went through the process of documenting and refactoring bitmaksed fields with non descriptive names in a database to an actuall usable Entity with getters and setters
  • did implemented new features in a compiled javascript chat application (GWT based), because my employer did not want to pay extra for the source access - i had the matrix view after 3 days, i saw structure in compiled javascript, nobody should ever go through this. NOBODY!!!!11111