So, you told me to write code

Yeah, but you dont know what for code?

There is a great thing called code kata. Katas are small exercise which every programmer should not find that hard. They are mainly targeted to get the art of programming out of you head and put it down to your fingers.

Sounds strange? Every braincycle you dont need to think about the small repetitive actions you do while programming, because your hands perform this actions almost alone, the more time you have for the real hard stuff to think about. And you tend to do less errors in this area of code.

So now you wrote some katas, and its ok, but you are more the social guy and want to have some teamwork? Then watch out for coding dojos. These are groups of programmers that meet and write code. For more details watch this Video.

So go out and WRITE. And if you wrote some Katas and you find it fun, go and search you a coding dojo or if there is no try to start one.

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