Developers guide to being awesome

I am awesome!

why am i awesome?

i am a developer!

  • I create great stuff out of nothing
  • I bring order to chaos (sometimes also the other way around)
  • I tell the machines what they must do

i like developing

  • its not a 9to5 job for me
  • its more like getting paid for my hobby :D
  • i want to be better.
  • i read
  • i go to user groups
  • i go to conferences
  • i watch conference streams/videos
  • i want that my colleges/programmer friends also get better
  • when i get new information or find a new cool project
  • i try to get my programmer friend or colleges to also read/watch over it - because they have maybe another point of view to new ideas/project and talk with them helps me to be even more awesome and as side-effect there awesomelevel also grows ;)

Thats why i am really awesome.

  • are you also awesome?
  • do you wane be awesome?

What do you need to become as awesome as i am?

at first grow your self a beard - but i think this is some sort of optional.


  • if you dont do this already, read, read alot.
  • read on a daily base and try to find new information.
  • read blogs
  • read books - clean code is an awsome book
  • read sourcecode - getting his head around other projects is really cool


  • write code
  • write good code
  • write bad code
  • just write code and think about it
  • refactor it, delete it, start over
  • also some cool stuff are code katas, small lessons that can be mostly done in 15-50, minutes to just trani your brain for all the standard problems


  • go to usergroups
    • its not just because of the talks
    • its also because of the pauses, the talks between people
    • try to get your coworkers to also go to user groups, its more fun for you and maybe they also learn new stuff
  • go to conferences
    • ok there are not really cheap, but look out for unconferences like the php unconference in hamburg or the cheap ones like the froscon
    • on conferences its also a lot about socailising and talking to other developers, but this is also a very good point of learnign and getting/sharing information


  • When you find great information share it with your collegs/code friends
  • When you wrote some awesome pice of code put it, when possible, as open Source and let everyone use it
  • When you have great ideas share them in a talk in a usergroup or on a conference.
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